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Historian, and Los Angeles Times bestselling novelist and screenwriter Robin Maxwell has been obsessed with ancient astronauts since her first encounter with a UFO in New Jersey at the age of two. Since then, her passion for extra-terrestrial life has expanded exponentially to include Atlantis and antediluvian civilizations throughout the world, genetic intervention with our species, and “Planet X.”

Having veered back to earth to make a name for herself within the historical fiction genre, Robin has won multiple awards with her ten critically acclaimed and best-selling novels. Her debut novel, The Secret Diary of Anne Boleyn has been translated into sixteen languages, and is now in its 24th printing.

For her newest title, Atlantos (The Early Erthe Chronicles, Book I), Robin has abandoned Elizabethan and Renaissance Europe to return to her original and abiding obsession of science fiction. Her inspiration and main historical source for this deeply researched novel set on Erthe and Mars in a much earlier period – 10,000 B.C. is Plato (his dialogues the Timaeus and Cri tias), but other deep influences have included Graham Hancock, Erick Von Daniken, and Zecharia Sitchin.

Based on meticulous research in pre-history, archeology, paleoanthropology, human evolution, astronomy, ufology and genetics, she has cast her protagonists – Poseidon Ra, his jealous brother Athens, and geneticist Talya Horus – as ancient astronauts from a planet in our solar system, one that suffers from an abnormally long elliptical orbit and a dire shortage of the ore that fuels their civilization. She writes of alien visitors from this distant, technologically advanced world who arrive on prehistoric Erthe possessing the power of gods, as easily as she does the extraordinary aboriginals that teach them –  through their passion, fury, love and revenge – what it really means to be human. Robin calls their home planet “Terres.” Zecharia Sitchin called it “Niburu.” Recently mainstream astronomers have finally admitted what many alternative researchers have known for decades – "Planet X" really exists.

Legendary filmmaker Ronald Shusett ("Alien" "Total Recall" and "Minority Report") calls Atlantos "…an instant classic and a masterpiece of science fiction." Graham Hancock says: “I wasn’t expecting much from an Atlantis-themed novel, but Robin Maxwell’s Atlantos is a tremendous, exhilarating, unputdownable SURPRISE with deep and engaging characters and a clever plot full of twists, turns and unexpected challenges. These qualities, and the sheer sustained craftsmanship of the author from first page to last, combine to make Atlantos a brilliant read. But beyond that, this unique novel offers a plausible, completely unexpected explanation of the Atlantis mystery, and with it some real food for thought for anyone interested in the secrets of humanity’s forgotten past.”

Maxwell’s historical fiction titles include The Queen’s Bastard, Signora Da Vinci
and JANE: The Woman Who Loved Tarzan.  The Atlantos sequel – Children of Ra— will be published later this year. "All the Queens’ Men," based on Robin’s Elizabethan Quartet, is currently in development for a limited cable series. She’s been called ‘one of the Queens of Historical Fiction.’ With the publication of Atlantos, she has evolved into ‘one of the Queens of Pre-historical Fiction."

Robin currently lives with her husband, yogi Max Thomas at their private retreat and wildlife sanctuary High Desert Eden, near Joshua Tree. For more information or to make reservations, please visit:


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