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"In 2012 the estate of ERB saw the times changing and authorized my novel JANE: The Woman Who Loved Tarzan, the first Tarzan classic in 100 years that told the ape man's story from Jane Porter's point of view…and the first ever written by a woman. It might be set in Edwardian times, but this Jane gives Daenarys Targaryan, Captain Marvel, and the Warriors of Wakanda a run for their money. She is Wonder Woman without the magic bracelets. Educated and emancipated. Outspoken, ambitious and confident - what was known at the turn of the 20th century as a “New Woman.”

She's the #metoo, #timesup Jane. She's a paleoanthropologist who treks into the heart of Africa searching for fossils that will prove the theories of her hero, Charles Darwin. But she finds much more than the “missing link” in human evolution — the greatest scientific find in the history of the world. In a lush jungle paradise she finds an all-consuming love in Tarzan, a natural young superman who's grown up believing he's an ape.

While he teaches her how to survive in the wild, she helps him dig into his psyche to uncover the deeply buried memories of his parents' gruesome murder, re-live his own abduction by a tribe of ape people called the “Mangani," and remember his legacy as a human being…and the English Lord of Greystoke."

— Robin Maxwell

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