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To The Tower Born

The disappearance of the young York princes, Edward and Richard, from the Tower of London in 1483 has been debated for more than five centuries.  It has stirred the imaginations of numerous writers from Shakespeare to Josephine Tey and posited the question:  Was Richard III the boys' murderer, or was he not? 

In a novel rich in mystery, color, and historical lore, Robin Maxwell offers a new, controversial perspective on this tantalizing enigma.  The events are witnessed through the eyes of quick-witted Nell Caxton, only daughter of the first English printer, William Caxton, and Nell's dearest friend, "Bessie," daughter of the King of England, sister to the little princes, and founding ancestress of the Tudor dynasty.  With great bravery and heart, the two friends navigate this dark and dangerous medieval landscape in which the king's death sets off a battle among the most scheming, ambitious, and murderous men and women of their age, who will stop at nothing to possess the throne of England.
"Maxwell is one of the best historical novelists currently mining the rich vein of Tudor history."

— Booklist
"A lively tale, told with a natural novelist's eye for drama and vivid characterization."

Carolly Erickson, author of The Hidden Diary of Marie Antoinette
"Spirited, colorful...brims with page-turning drama."

— Publishers Weekly
"Robin Maxwell's writing entertains and opens new and tantalizing avenues of thought on the princes' disappearance."

— Ricardian Register
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